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Magnetic In-Car Air Vent Mount for Smartphones

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Selected exclusively for our range of smartphone mounts, the all-new in-car magnetic air vent clip is strong, sleek and discreet and also boasts our lifetime guarantee. If you're not happy with how durable, reliable and strong our non-obtrusive magnetic mount is, we'll give you a refund.

Designed to withstand even the bumpiest of terrains, challenging turns or the unwelcome emergency stop, the latest addition to our smartphone line-up is nothing short of brilliant. With a clever design that's almost unnoticeable, and which flaunts ultra-strong magnets, this small air vent clip offers the ideal solution for mounting your smartphone on-the-move.

The magnetic air vent holder is simple to use, and you can choose from the following mounting options:

1. The adhesive metal plate fits perfectly between your smartphone and your case, so stick the plate facing outwards (towards the back of the case) and marvel at how easily the vent clip secures your smartphone into place
2. If you don't like using a protective case, simply stick the magnetic plate to your smartphone for the same result
3. If you want to leave your smartphone untouched, attach the adhesive plate to the back of your protective case instead, and follow the same simple technique as above
4. If your smartphone features a removable battery cover, you can even slot the magnetic plate between the fascia and the battery for the ultimate discreet finish

We love the new magnetic air vent clip because of how reliable and efficient it is, but the small mount with silicone clips also ensures improved road safety, full 360° rotation for multi-angle viewing and a neat and organised view in a small, ergonomic design. Don't forget, you can try the mount today and use your lifetime warranty if you're at all unhappy (but we bet you won't be).

  • Ultra-strong magnetic air vent mount clip for smartphones 
  • Discreet and non-obtrusive in design with a luxury appearance and supreme magnetic function
  • Improves road safety and offers a simple and sleek alternative to bulky suction mounts
  • Full 360° rotation allows multi-angle viewing in a placement which suits you
  • Equipped with Proporta's Lifetime Exchange Warranty

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